Why Epiic

We believe everyone should find meaning in and fulfillment from their work and be actively engaged!


As a collective of OD, change leadership and quality practitioners; and executive, leader and team coaches we are on a mission to create the conditions where people naturally thrive. We are:

We take advantage of opportunities to build capability and improve performance through our partnerships with clients during major business life cycle transitions:

  1. Start-up to Growth: developing a structure that will best support and enable growth.
  2. Growth to Maturity: improving efficiency and effectiveness to maximize profitability
  3. Maturity to renewal:  changes in structure, operating model and/or culture to maintain market relevance and enable innovation

We are thought leaders. We question everything and experiment constantly, always ask how and why. We take pride in being provocative and measure our success not by how people feel after working with us, instead we measure our success by your performance improvements.

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