Creating an environment where people innovate and inspire change is not rocket science.

How does business survive and flourish in a world that continues to change?

To survive, our organizations must learn to adapt. To flourish, our leaders must learn to engage their people.

The data is consistent and compelling. “Worldwide, only 13% of employees are engaged at work – Gallup, 2013” At EPIIC, we understand engaged people innovate and inspire change and we have developed a methodology that builds leadership capability, creates high-performing teams and establishes the ideal conditions for business performance through employee engagement.

Our approach is simply effective and supported by the most recent insights from Neuroscience and Systems Thinking.

If you are looking to improve your team’s performance [either as a team member or leader] we invite you in to look around, see what we are doing and join us in a global management rEvolution to engage everyone!

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Research tells us highly engaged teams experience 147% higher earnings per share (EPS) over actively disengaged teams and the team leader has the greatest influence on engagement.

We build the employee-engagement capability of your leaders. . .

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High-performing teams, those with engaged employees, consistently outperform teams with low levels of engagement evidenced by increases in customer ratings 10%, profitability 22% and productivity 25%.

We build high-performing teams that are adaptive and innovative. . .

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Top performing companies don’t spend a lot of time focusing on increasing engagement, they have a culture that naturally creates high-performance conditions so they can focus on impacting their markets [and the world] in a meaningful way.

We create performance cultures that achieve brilliant outcomes. . .

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