Members of high-performing teams are fully committed to the team’s success. This is because their individual success is directly connected to the team’s success. Having a clear, distinct value-added contribution to make as part of a group effort is intrinsically satisfying and engaging.


High-Performance Team Development Purpose:

Build the capability of individuals within a team to consistently create value, meet or exceed customer expectations and take advantage of market opportunities.

EPIIC-teams Outcomes:

  • Define the value [market/customer] the team aspires to create/deliver
  • Define the specific value-added contributions required of each team member to be successful
  • Clarity and agreement on the way team members work together (interdependence & Integration)
  • Understand each team members’ strengths and how to always play to the teams’ strengths
  • Established rules of engagement and how members behave
  •  Team goals and scoreboard to guide decisions, align individual priorities and drive desired behavior

Primary beneficiary: Customers

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